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Lighten Up! ~ Angels Surf 101010 Wave

You might have been wondering about that wave of energy which came through on 101010.

- – -  Maybe you were very affected through changes in your physical body.

- – -  Maybe you’ve been more emotionally sensitive.

- – -  Perhaps you did not feel anything at all and you don’t know why.

Well, I have a few things to share that may help pull the pieces together for you.

I joined Jim Self (Mastery Alchemy) and Steve Rother (Lightworker) at the 101010 Spirit To Human Convergence in Scottsdale, AZ. What an amazing experience to be with 500 Lightworkers for 4 days creating an energy stamp of Love & Ascension.

Here is one story about that trip in this month’s issue of Lighten Up!


So, hop on board and find your groove. There is plenty to be excited about as we make this most significant transition into the higher dimensions.


Surf’s Up ~



P.S. At the end of the conference I traveled to Sedona with two new friends from the gathering. We spent the day roaming the vortex energy of the red rock canyon and buttes.

You’ll see a few pictures from that excursion on the new FACEBOOK PAGE

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