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Ascension Symptom ~ Ringing Ear


I have been experiencing a steady ringing/buzzing (tinnitus) pretty much daily at this point, but it is not at all uncomfortable or annoying.  Occasionally, it “tunes up” to a higher frequency ringing, but this does not occur as often.  No loud sounds have blasted at my eardrums whatsoever.  What do you suppose this could this be?

FYI, I had a series of powerful “enlightening” experiences starting in Feb 2010 which led to a drastic and rapid life change, and the ringing started shortly after.  If you could shed some light on these symptoms, it would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more info, please let me know.


Ah, this is a good one, as it is happening to so many people right now. A high pitched ringing of a tone not otherwise audible outside the ear is sometimes accompanied by a popping sensation.

The inner ear is all about balance. This is true on the physical planes as well as journey through dimensional realms. It is important to understand that ascension is essentially a change in the vibratory rate of your energy field. Your energy field is actually comprised of multiple layers of energy, each with its own unique characteristics and usefulness. For simplicity sake we will describe them as physical, mental, emotional and astral or etheric.  These energy fields are always swirling through and around you. The more you have a conscious interaction with these fields the easier your transition through ascension can be.

At times, when an aspect of self makes a drastic change in vibratory rate, the remaining energy has to synchronize, or realign to the new vibration. This is often felt in the inner ear. It is about re-balancing.

There are specific visualizations you can do to assist your synchronization. Some of these were featured as part of the 101010 Spirit to Human Convergence. We spent days visualizing specific fields spinning in certain directions at various rates, allowing the fields to align with each other and increase the flow of Light we are able to embody.

Here is a portion of what my guides have shown me about this aspect…

It is good to have a morning practice of aligning with self before you rise from bed each day. In addition, do this any time during the day that you have the ringing or popping sensation.

Stop whatever you are doing and take a few slow breaths and say “Thank you.” Feel the essence of being thankful for your own awareness, for the assistance you are getting from other realms, with your ability to respond to the moment without fear. Personally, when my ears are ringing, I pause whatever i am doing and ask my guides, “What do you want me to know as I align ALL aspects of Self?” Sometimes I get a message. other times I just feel an easing of tension throughout my energy fields.

~ In channel from I AM ~

“This is the single most powerful thing you can do – embody the feeling of gratitude, not fear.”

Express your intention to align all aspects of your soul self, all layers of your personal energy grid, and all geometric matrices with those of the fifth and higher dimensions. It is ok for now if you don’t know what those fields contain or what shapes the geometries are. In fact, if you make a daily habit of doing this each morning you will probably be shown what the colors, shapes, and feelings are doing. Again, stay in gratitude, not fear.

To give you a slightly broader perspective, the soul extension from the Creator Source energy fractured itself numerous times on the journey into density. Each fragment contains the completeness of Creator Source energy, but there are many facets or aspects of Light which comprise the soul. As you journey through Ascension and consciously raise your vibratory rate you are re-joining – synchronizing with – the other facets of the soul. You will begin to become aware of things that you, the perceived individual, could not know by itself. You will begin to know things from other lifetimes, other dimensions, other people in the room.

You ARE connected to All That Is. As you place your focus on aligning with that knowingness your awareness will continue to broaden. You will begin to see through the eyes of Oneness.

So, whenever the ears ring or pop, thank your self for getting in touch with your more complete self. Thank all aspects of your soul for the awakening you are experiencing, and ask – with purpose and intention – for all of your energy fields to synchronize and harmonize in the manner which best serves the highest good of all.

Buzz on ~


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