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Ascension Symptoms ~ Allergic to Life


Though I have been on a very conscious spiritual path for over 20 years, nothing compares to the obvious awakening I have been experiencing the last 2. Never have a felt a stronger pull toward purpose, or connection to the infinite unity that is the core of All That Is. So, why then, on the physical and emotional level have things seemed to be going so wrong?

The depression, anxiety and insomnia. The allergies, digestion and hormonal issues. The unexplained pain, skin eruptions and extreme fatigue. I am so detached from the world I was once part of, extremely sensitive to everything I come in contact with, and no longer able to tolerate things I used to enjoy. Just an all over feeling that I am allergic to life or that my body is purging every negative thing it has ever encountered.

Let us begin by saying you have answered your own question in the final part of your statement. Your body is purging every thing that is not working for you any longer. We can take that a step further by saying that your personal energy field is purging all that is not in balance with your changing frequencies. Whatever is not in harmony with your expanding Self, will not be tolerated by your systems – physical, emotional, relationships, etc.

Let us take this opportunity to explain briefly the background of your situation on Earth. This will apply to everyone who is on a spiritual path, any one who is in the process of attuning to their Soul Self.

You are energy, conscious energy with unlimited potential and omnipresent awareness of all Creation. You are an aspect of the energy which creates worlds. You are in direct contact with everything else all the time. There was a choice by mass consciousness to experience some of creation with amnesia. You wanted to forget everything to the point you actually believed you were not part of anything – separate from God, Separate from Earth, Separate from each other, etc. It was a grand idea, fully supported by all involved and actually took a lot of effort to make happen. You see, no where else in Creation had there been a place or a way to have complete amnesia and complete free will. Things on Earth are actually quite special and it did take a lot of re-configuring to make it possible for you to experience Creation in a new way.

Why? Why would you want to forget? Well, the simplest way we can explain it, is to tell you that “remembering” the feeling of Oneness is the biggest rush in the cosmos. Yep, to go from the feeling of small, insignificant, unworthy, in pain and alone to the awareness that you are an omnipresent, magnificent creator who is alive and synchronized with All That Is ~ Everywhere….THAT is quite a rush! So much so that billions of souls want to have the experience.

You, as you know yourself to be, are simply a fragment of yourself. It would be fair to say your body is kind of a symbol that represents you, but isn’t really you. What you on Earth see as reality is a game board and you are a placeholder of sorts. This is not to take anything away from the miraculous human body. There is no other creature anywhere in any world like the human being. You are magnificent for that reason alone. But, your Essence lives as a constant/continuous/ongoing state of Consciousness – as part of the whole. So, you see, the part of you that doesn’t know this cannot possibly be the whole of you. It is kind of like the Avatar movie…your unlimited consciousness is projected to the limited human being aspect, and the limited human being aspect has experiences which the unlimited consciousness could not otherwise have. You, the human being, are continuously giving feedback to your consciousness and it is using that information to do many other things.

Well, many of the human being aspects made ways so they would remember their vaster consciousness. This happened over many, many lifetimes…by leaving clues/intentions for themselves with choices for incarnations, and the constant support of the vaster self. Your consciousness is always cheering you on, but cannot let you know it unless you ask. That is the law of Free Will. Enough people asked, and we answered with a roar of support, and eventually some people remembered who they really were. Little by little they showed other people how to remember. Even more people began to become aware of their true Self. Then, souls began to choose to incarnate so they could remember. This was a new an exciting stage – which happen pretty recently in the scheme of things.

So, now you have a huge wave of people on the planet who have awakened. They know who they are. You (the person who asked this question) are one of these souls…who has paved the way for others. We thank you for that. There are millions at this time. These millions of people who know “something” of their vaster self, are creating vibrational patterns all over the Earth which is making it possible for others to remember more easily. We use the term “something”, because it is not yet possible for you to know all of who you are while still attached to a body. But you are getting closer each day.

It is all a matter of vibration, and of cycles. You make a conscious choice to change your vibration so you can “see” more of Life. Then, you see more Truth, which feels very good,  and you want to raise your vibration even more. The more you refine your energy and learn to use the laws of creation, the more you are able to maintain an awareness of your connection to your unlimited self. We are wording this very carefully because we want you to focus on a few Truths – which sometimes get overlooked in all the excitement.

1] You are always connected to your higher self. It cannot be otherwise. Do not imagine that you must do something in order to get in touch with who you are. Your vaster self is always present and always doing everything the Laws of Creation will allow to enhance the relationship. So, the best thing you can do is find ways to “enhance the relationship.” As you become more aware of the other aspects of yourself, aligning your energies to the same frequencies will become easier. Likewise, the more you consciously choose to align your energy, the more you will become aware of.  Start where you are. Do not hurry. Be persistent.

2] Ascension, as it is happening right now on Earth, is something entirely new and different for All. We can offer you suggestions for things that will make the ride smoother for you because we are familiar with what it takes to change frequencies, alter harmonics, and adjust the energy fields relevant to the various aspects of consciousness. However, we have given this in a previous channel and will reiterate it now, what you are doing “in form, on Earth” has not happened before in Creation. You are creating new energy matrices, which will allow new choices for All of Us. The decision to experience the resonance of Oneness while walking around in an individual identity has not happened before. It is happening on a large scale. Each one of you who make this choice is creating a vibrational template (an energy map) which will make it easier for others to make the same discoveries. You are revered beyond your imagination for what you are doing TODAY.

3] To “enhance your relationship” with your vaster self is actually quite simple. What makes it hard is that it is human nature to make things hard. Honestly, you programmed the game to make it as hard as possible. Now we ask you to be willing to release the need for difficulty and allow what will flow in the absence of restriction. There are many tools you can use in the enhancing of this relationship, but there are a few things which are basic and inherent in the journey.

  • Curiosity – a desire to forget anything you believe and discover that something entirely different is just as real.If something makes your heart “zing”, follow the zing, wherever it takes you. Be in your passion and be it your faith.
  • Practice – what you put your attention on becomes your reality. If you do not already know that as your Truth, take our word for it. That IS how reality works. Therefore, it is important that you place your attention on this relationship. It doesn’t need to be difficult, or cumbersome. It does need to be persistent. Angels are not angels from time to time. They are angels all the time. They want to be in the vibration of miraculous creation “all the time”. You are remembering your angel essence, so every choice you make has the opportunity to reflect your intention – to be in the vibration of miraculous creation “all the time”.
  • Forgiveness – make the decision that you will shift your point of view to the realization that nothing has ever been done “to you”. Everything which has happened in your life – no matter how seemingly unpleasant in the moment – was actually done “for you”… in order for you to reach this glorious place of awareness…which ties into…
  • Loose the judgment – everyone is exactly where they want to be on their own path. Even the people who don’t seem to have any consciousness at all. Truthfully, their consciousness lives alongside yours with each breath, and from where you are you cannot know what their I AM presence wants for their life. So, let go of the measuring stick. Do not measure yourself either. Every time to stop to measure your progress you change your point of attention. Instead, do whatever you can to enhance your relationship with your I AM presence. As you do this, and feel the beauty of who you really are, the need to measure will dwindle rapidly.

Now, for the person who specifically asked about being allergic to life we say…you are doing well when you allow the release of anything which does not feel good to you presently. We know it is hard for you to give up people, places, things which have brought you a sense of security, a sense of belonging, a sense of satisfaction. It will make your journey easier if you will listen to your Self. Yes, you will give up certain foods. You will feel tired, out of whack, like everything is rubbing you the wrong way. You will alter your sleeping patterns. All of this is “natural” for what you are going through.

We mentioned earlier that “many adjustments were made” to make the Earth game possible. Well, you are undoing some of those adjustments. Where the fragment of a spark felt separate from the soul spark, you are bridging that forgetfulness and working directly with your I AM Presence in your choices each day. The physical body was made in a density which would allow expression through form (carbon based). You are reversing that process and returning to a less dense lightbody (crystalline based) – while still walking on Earth (huge thing!). The food, water, and air your body takes in will need to reflect where you are going, not where you have been. You were designed to know things through the emotional charge and imprints upon your energy fields. You are unwinding the charge and releasing the imprints to return to a full, open tube of Divine energy flowing freely without restrictions. This brings huge emotional swings, a super sensitivity, a radical shaking of all that has been comfortable on your most basic level.

Loosen your grip. That is the best way we know to say to you that you can change the level of difficulty you are experiencing. Loosen your grip on what you think is yours to have, those who do not uplift your spirit or support your journey, the foods and beverages that are not nourishing you in the instant you consume them. The body knows instantly if what you are taking is helpful or limiting. Loose the need to “figure out” what you might have done wrong along the way. You have done nothing wrong, nothing poorly, nothing to worry yourself with. You know how to shine your light. You know how to live from your heart and “hold that vibe” in ways that make life easier for yourself and for others. We are here and we are helping.

ASK for help every day when go to sleep and when you wake up – help to loosen your grip on all that was your 3rd dimensional reality. Do this without reaching for something else. Sleep, as much as your body needs or wants. There are so many levels being refined on all dimensions, and often this work is easier for us when you are asleep – when you are not busy in the body or the mind. When you are in a state of allowing. Practice active receptivity. Appreciate the beauty in your life. Anticipate more beauty in your life. Expect unimaginable beauty in your life. And, “hold that vibe” of knowing you are One with Love. All is One. All is Love.

We are very thankful for your 20 year journey, though we would suggest it has been many lifetimes. You are closer than you know to the full realization that there is nowhere to go, only the allowing of your Essence and the releasing of everything else.

~ I AM

Here is a link to the Violet Flame Invocation for Transfiguration, posted here on the blog. You will find it most helpful in consciously wrapping yourself in the Truth of who you are.


If for one moment you will allow yourself the experience of loosing everything…you can tell the radical truth of what is always present. You can understand directly, for yourself, what those great beings were pointing to. You can understand the scriptures and the sutras as the overflowing of your own experience, not …as something to work toward, but as a song of what is eternally present. ~ Gangaji

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