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Abraham Speaks on Ringing In Ears

Ascension Symptom Tinnitus ~

UPDATE *** In March 2012 the question was posed to Abraham again, about ringing sounds in the ear.  Here is a wonderfully  compassionate and succinct response.

Ringing Ears March 2012

So many Lightworkers are experiencing this physical condition at this time. In these two videos, Abraham-Hicks spells out the simple facts about your vibrational nature and how any resistance to it shows up in obvious ways. Your only job is to align your frequencies, whatever that takes. The Truth expressed in these two videos applies to every physical or emotional difficulty you are experiencing. Very straight forward wisdom.



I hope you hear the clues ~



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  1. Heather Rossi March 4, 2011

    Thank you so much for posting this, it came exactly at the right time! My husband is having rining in the ear and this was a wonder bit of information to share with him.

    Light & Love-

  2. Carla March 4, 2011

    Heather, you are most welcome. I do listen to this one periodically myself as it is a good reminder to really listen and feel… removing any resistance we encounter in our own awareness.
    Welcome to the Ascension Community!

    Shine on ~

  3. Dennis February 25, 2013

    What did Abraham say? YouTube video shows being private

    • carla February 25, 2013

      Dennis, sorry, I’ll have to check the link. Abraham says it is resistance within the energetic fields. Keep “opening” and “inviting” and “grounding”.

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