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Lighten Up! ~ Three Simple Truths

As the change in resonance continues to sweep across the planet more and more people are becoming aware of themselves and each other in new ways. They are recognizing their internal, essential self and they are recognizing the same essence in each other. This wave of change in perception is creating new challenges for Lightworkers around the globe.

Many of us who have pursued a spiritual path for decades have dreamed of these times for many moons, yet we find ourselves faced with the unpredictable circumstances of such a tremendous choice.

“You have created entirely new matrices of energy, and that has changed everything for all of us – throughout creation. Even when we did see it coming, we did not know what to expect.”                                                                                                                           ~ ~ ~ I AM>Carla

The same is true for those of us here. How could we have known what to expect as we ventured further and further into the unknown?

Think of it like road construction

Paving the way for others has its own twist and turns. Many had to clear the trees, haul away the boulders, relocate the native wildlife, go through tremendous permitting processes – not to mention the dreadful “public opinion phase” – just so we could build a road for everyone. It took years of learning to work with the energies of the slower frequencies and raise them – little by little – to create this road. Along this road we even made very elaborate bridges with much surprise to the non-physical beings who were helping us out.

Now we stand as the “weight of the world” walks across those bridges. Our fingers are crossed, our faith is strong, and we watch in amazement as others are able to cover the same amount of ground (so to speak) in months as it took us years to travel.

Such is the beauty of altering consciousness!

In this month’s Lighten Up! We are reminded that while all of this is of, by, and for the soul aspects who chose a human experience, none of this would be possible without our connection to Earth herself.

During the last few hundred years most of us have forgotten what it was like to live in harmony with Nature, in reverence with the life giving force that is our home. We cannot see the elementals; we do not make the time to honor the very beings which make the human experience possible.

Now we are asked to shift our focus – trusting the strength of the bridges we’ve built – and use our highly honed skills to address the energies of the Gaia, along with all the dimensions and realms which express here with us.

“Years ago the advice was given, ‘When the shift comes you’ll want to be hugging a tree.’ Now is a good time to bring more attention to your relationship with nature. You affect each other with each breath.”                                                                                     ~ ~ ~ I AM>Carla

Let us delve deeper into the Three Simple Truths which are our bridge to Heaven on Earth.

Lighten Up! Three Simple Truths

Take the plunge ~






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