Kryon ~ The Recalibrations

Over a period of several months at the end of 2011 and moving into 2012, Kryon – channeled by Lee Carroll, offered a series of messages illustrating how our world, and each of us in it, are being re-calibrated.

Each of these message is complete unto itself. Yet, as you follow through them, one to the next, you get the sense that things on Earth have already changed, and Kryon, with his great love for humanity, is simply showing us how far WE have come in the process.

I’ve included these messages as pages on my site because they encompass the most relevant information available today.

I have included the WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT when available, and the AUDIO LINK for each.

I begin with The Attributes Of The Match-bearer… because we can all use a reminder of why we chose to be here for the shift.

Use the MAIN MENU above. Select ASCENSION, then KRYON – THE RECALIBRATIONS.  A second menu will drop down with each of the choices.

Enjoy ~


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