Living In One Heart

Living In One Heart

by Carla Anderson, Spiritual Channel

We are in the midst of a Spiritual Revolution. The Earth and all her inhabitants are in times of great change.  A change we have helped to create.  If you hold the intention of expanding your awareness, embracing your Spiritual essence, and living from your heart in an expression of enthusiasm and grace, Welcome Home!

The planet is in her own dance with creation…The planet, in her dance, is needing to vibrate differently. There were many adventurers who expressed an interest to make those changes along with the planet. So, in order to stay with your planet you have to change your vibration. That is what is being called ascension.

Basically, a bunch of you really, really brave ones said, ‘Why can’t I have Heaven and Earth at the same time?’ Because you had done such a beautiful job of remembering the vibration of heaven while walking on earth, it was made possible for you to have both. Let us be clear, you made that possible. We did not. We have simply answered your call, at every juncture.”

~ ~ ~ I AM > Carla

For many people these energy shifts bring rise to questions – questions of meaning and purpose. What is happening? Why am I here? What is my role?

The Adventure Within is the greatest journey any human can take. It is there one comes to a knowing, a set of information and emotion, which helps you feel the essence of Unity Consciousness – your connection to All That Is.


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