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I am pleased to introduce my readers to a company, founded by my brother, to share New Energy Technology today.

Quantum Light Energy is leading the way into an Conscious Energy future by representing truly innovative products which are personally relevant and globally responsible. These products are used in everyday life throughout North America and around the world. Their technology will help improve life – locally and globally – now.

QLE is a 3BL (planet, people, profit) company which brings breakthrough technology for everyday living to the market through strategic relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. QLE serves a pivotal role as advocate and source for products designed to address today’s needs with tomorrow’s innovation. QLE is a manufacturer representative with wholesale distribution to area dealers, and direct sales with design for large & commercial projects.

Special Offers for My Readers

I know you are conscious individuals, with a desire to live in harmony with Earth, and excited to participate in the New Energy Paradigm. So, I made arrangements for visitors of the Ascension For All community to enjoy special offers from Quantum Light Energy for each product it makes available to the market

These products are not a revised version of an old way, they are the Conscious Energy Devices of tomorrow, and you can get them today, for less than retail. This is exceptional because QLE is primarily a wholesale distributor and large project supplier.  They don’t normally sell to individuals. So, keep an eye on this page, and sign up for the newsletter, so I can keep you updated on fabulous opportunities in the months to come.


Chemical Free Light Frequency Pest Control

AgriSolarSolutions is a commercially cost effective, light frequency, pest control system. Using light waves, the product effectively rids an area of harmful pest while leaving the beneficial insects unaffected. Developed in China, this product has been field test in large agricultural settings throughout Asia and Europe. It is entirely non-toxic and is powered by solar energy.

AgriSolar’s goal is to eliminate the use of chemical insecticides in the agriculture industry thru the use of our proprietary solar-power insect killer products. Our products improve the economics of commercial agriculture and dramatically enhance the quality of food products by providing alternatives to the use of chemicals in the global food chain around the world.

Over 40,000 of  solar insect killers are currently installed on farms throughout China and Europe protecting dozens of various crops from harmful insects.

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50% Savings Immediately on Heating and Hot Water

Quantum Light Energy


A breakthrough in energy usage, the SuperGreen Far Infrared Quartz Crystal Technology is fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly providing superior heating and conditioning, uses recyclable materials, and reduces electric and fuel costs for heating and treating water by half or more – immediately. SuperGreen Tankless Systems are the most efficient water heating system on the market today.


SuperGreen has one of the highest LEED energy credit ratings because it requires less electrical usage than the top four ULC rated water heating systems. The patented high efficiency unit establishes immediate cost savings for you.

There are multiple applications for use in residential, commercial and institutional environments.

  •   Tankless on-demand water heating and conditioning system.
  •   Radiant floor heating & Baseboard heating
  •   Solar backup
  •   Water softening and purification
  •   Multiple buildings & high demand.
  •   Swimming pool & spa systems
  •   Laundry facilities


This nanotechnology device offers maintenance free operation that provides endless hot water supply, steady temperature and easy installation. It is safer than fuel systems because there is no pilot. This state of the art unit features computerized safety devices, safe recovery mode, and vent-free/no NOX operation.

The Far Infrared Quartz Crystal Technology also conditions water, kills bacteria and fungi, and energizes water molecules – great for clinics, hospitals and schools.  It only uses energy when you need it, costs 50% less to operate, and helps to extend the life of your plumbing system while it works.

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